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- More than 80% in Japan from China Rare Earth
- United States, the world's rare earth reserves, the second, but stop their exploitation in favor of imports from China

Although China has more than 50% of the world's rare earth resources and reserves, and accounted for 90% of global market share, but the reality is that from 1990 to 2005, the Chinese Rare Earth exports increased by nearly 10 times the average price has dropped to half of 1990.

At the recent China Rare Earth Industry Development Forum, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangxian and many other academicians called Rare Earth in China should establish strategic resource reserve system, strengthening the protection of rare earth resources in order to regain international pricing.

Rare sold "land price"
; Rare earth rich excellent optical, electrical, magnetic, superconducting, catalytic properties, widely used in advanced technology areas and military areas, industrial and MSG, the mother of the reputation of new materials, is an irreplaceable high technical and military strategy elements.

"Between 1995 and 2005, 10 years, China's rare earth export of foreign exchange losses of billions of dollars!" At the forum, Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangxian said bitterly.

Have commented that China's rare earth industry, foreign trade, is a complete failure of the business. Rare sale of a "soil price."

Industry and Information Technology vice minister, said Miao Wei, after nearly 60 years of scientific and technological research and development and construction, China has become the world's largest rare earth resources, production, application and exporting countries, but this does not mean that China can control lifeblood of the world supply of rare earth.

Our total reserves of rare earth and production scale ranked the first in the world, why has the market in the world do not have pricing power?

Guangxian Fellow simple outlines the development path of China's rare earth industry, clearly reveals the proclamation of rare earth or cheap.

90s last century, China accounted for a single high-purity rare earth production share of 90% of the world, but because of our technology, the business community awareness of intellectual property rights protection is weak, which originally only in Baotou, Shanghai and the Pearl River three state-owned manufacturers to promote the separation of rare earth, quickly spread to the local and the private sector, as many as several hundred plant, production capacity from 120,000 to 150,000 tons, 100,000 tons is far greater than the demand worldwide, resulting in oversupply , RE prices are artificially low, China rare earth industry is facing a difficult dilemma without interest.

Solve this problem, Zhou Chuandian honorary chairman of the Chinese Rare Earth Society, the National Development and Reform Commission and other rare-earth fellow team leader Li Dongying earth many times in various meetings of experts called the rare earth industry should self-limit output, raise prices. Meanwhile, in 2005 and 2006, two experts in a letter to the State Department of Rare Earth, by the rapid instruction of Premier Wen, Land and Natural Resources since 2007, limiting production to 80,000 tons of rare earth, less than the world's demand for 100,000 tons.

This news, the price of rare earth in 2006 increased by 1 to 3 times, has remained high in 2007, but from 1995 to 2005, 10 years, Japan, Korea and other acquisitions of its 20 years of reserves available for use The low-cost high-quality single RE.

Guangxian analysis, because the world Financial crisis , 2008, from the rare-earth prices fall sharply again, but more important reason is that Japan and other state-owned for 20 years, rare earth reserves, so they had no rare earth resources in the country but has a rare-earth pricing.

Recent years, China's rare earth Sell More scattered, the manufacturers lower prices with each other to disrupt the national market of rare earth raw materials. "In the export trade, basically on what the price of foreign enterprises have to accept what the price, making the precious rare earth sold 'land price'.
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China Rare Earth Why Sell "land Price"? - Rare Earth, Rare Earth - Chemical Industry

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This article was published on 2011/01/09