China's Rare Earth Export Price Spikes

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China's proven reserves of rare earth resources in the 36.52% of the world, is the world's largest rare earth resources in power. The supply of rare earth from the global situation, 2009, China produced a total of 12 million tons of rare earth oxides, accounting for 96.99% of global production, with an absolute monopoly. At the same time,Erbium metal powder exporter, exports of rare earth products in China since 1998 on the implementation of the quota permit system to limit the export of low value-added rare earth products, adjust the export structure of rare earth products, and promote the formation of China's rare earth industry chain.

Ministry of Commerce annually to the domestic rare earth production enterprises (domestic and foreign) issued two general trade export quota of rare earth (or an additional export quota), from 8 July 2010 the Ministry of Commerce of the second batch of general trade export quota of rare earth point of view, the total amount of 7976 tons, compared with the first batch of rare earth in 2010 general trade export quotas reduced 14,307 tons; compared with 2009 the second batch of export quotas reduce general trade of rare earth 18,451 ton, decreased significantly,Erbium metal powder, and 64.2% respectively year on year and 69.81%. Ministry of Commerce could not rule out the fourth quarter of this year to add some export quotas, export quotas, but added that the incident occurred in 2009 alone, and the amount of no more than 2,000 tons, so even if there is added also affects less than significant decline in export quotas of a trend.

2009 global demand of 13 million tons of rare earth,erbium powder, China accounted for 56% of global demand, that is 72,800 tons or so, we believe that the demand data in 2010 should be no big increase. Production of export quotas with the state mandatory plan be tightened so dramatically, from another angle, Zhao was the protection of rare earth resources, the Chinese government on the increasing awareness of and commitment to rectify the rare earth industry is strong, the desire to establish a real global pricing of rare earth products right.

If this logic holds, the future state of general trade export quota of rare earth or will be strictly controlled in the domestic production of rare earth products,erbium metal, the total mandatory 20% to 30%. China has not really won in the global pricing of rare earth products before the estimated supply of the global earth will not be any significant increase, which is what the people's decision.
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China's Rare Earth Export Price Spikes

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This article was published on 2010/12/15