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Subtle alterations to the geography of the planet could be considered as earth changes. However when talking about the earth and how it will be changing, many people feel that the alterations are going to be large and potentially life ending.

Scientific Confirmation

The scientific community is hesitant to confirm that the planet is undergoing any type of major upheaval. Data collected over the past few decades indicates that earth changes are occurring. Satellite images are sent to computers around the globe offering real time pictures of storms, solar flare and volcanic activity. Computer applications, including weather information, allows people all over the planet to watch and tracks storms of all types.

It has only been a century since people started recording daily temperatures, weather conditions, wind, rain and snowfall amounts. While this information allows scientists to see patterns, data from a hundred years is like a blink of the eye where the planet is concerned. What one scientist may see as a global warming pattern, another may view the same data as confirmation of global cooling. One side of the scientific fence promotes human activity as the cause for severe weather, while the other side staunchly believes these weather patterns are a common cyclic pattern. The only thing that scientists have in common is that they all believe their theories are correct.

Polar Shift

It is a well-known fact that polar shifts have occurred many times since the planet was formed. Ice cores, volcanic sediments and earth core samples have all confirmed that the poles shift every so often. The shortest number of years ever documented between pole shifts was only 5,000. A pole shift occurring a thousand years ago did not affect the human population as it would today. Unlike now, those people used hand tools and communicated through oral and hand written letters. If a pole shift were to occur today, it would cause major earth changes. Nothing electronic would work including telephones, radios, computers and electrical grids. Since there is no written record of how the last pole shift affected migratory birds and animals, scientists can only theorize what the effect will be for them. Keeping additional foods on hand, over the counter medicine and hand tools may be one way to prepare for a pole shift.

Solar Activity

According to the scientific community, our sun is nearing the end of an eleven-year cycle. In the past few months, the sun has been quite active. Solar flares and magnetic storms have swept across the surface of the earth with little to no warnings from the scientific community. Solar flares have classes just like hurricanes and tornados. Class C flares can cause some communication interference and cause the aurora borealis to be brighter and more colorful. Class M flares disrupt communications including satellite feeds, telephones and cell phones. Class X flares can be very destructive shutting down computers and electrical grids. Unfortunately, scientists do not know much about the sun and it can affect the earth. Data is being collected from the sun through the use of space telescopes, un-manned exploration modules and larger more efficient computers that correlate the information collected. Eventually this data will help us understand how the sun can change the lives of those on earth.

Volcanic Activity

Dormant volcanoes around the globe are becoming active. Although hidden from view, underwater volcanic activity has increased as well. The Pacific Ring of Fire, an area in the Pacific Ocean where the sub-oceanic crust is thin, has become more and more active. Yellowstone Park is located over one of the world's biggest magma chambers. The caldera at Yellowstone is big and the ground between the magma chamber and the surface is not very thick. Should the earth's crust become unstable, it is possible that the dormant volcano, that formed the Yellowstone caldera, will become active once again causing severe earth changes.


Hardly a day goes by without an earthquake being reported. Twenty to fifty years ago, earthquakes were a rarity and even then, they were minor. In the last year, the world has watched Haiti and Chili reel from the affects of unexpected earthquakes. The Chilean quake, which measured 8.8 on the Richter scale, actually moved a town ten feet. Haiti suffered massive devastation from an earthquake that occurred along a previously unknown fault line. Unless there is activity along them, many fault lines go undetected. Even a moderate earthquake in an area that is not expecting one will cause substantial devastation. Earthquakes are events that can change the shape of the earth forever.

Earthquake, volcanic eruptions and severe weather are all types of earth changes. Knowing how to take care of yourself during an emergency and having the supplies on hand to help get you through one will be invaluable.

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Earth Changes

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This article was published on 2010/10/11
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