Google Earth Lessons - Using Google Earth Layers

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Google Earth is a breakthrough technology offers many advanced features that, when used properly, can be used by instructors to improve training of their students. Google Earth has an easy to use software that offers unlimited capacity for the typical novice user.Have you ever stopped and examined a wide range of tools that Google Earth is available to students in schools. Consider what it provides resources to learn how to use Google Earth, discusses the importance of Google Earth / utility in the classroom, points to easy start and introduced Keyhole Markup Language (KML) standard format for storage and distribution of geographic data .Now start with the box and its tools, GE "layers". The side of the box contains a series of layers called the Geographic Web. "This set includes photos of important areas, such as the Lincoln Memorial, and links to Wikipedia articles. But, wait a minute we are not saying that Wikipedia is the best encyclopedia ever written. But, it does have plenty of useful and relevant information.We want to teach students to abandon their or a resource, or to teach them how to use resources efficiently?

The next layer is called "Roads." We think this coat very cool. Far, far above the ground (depending on the height of the eye of GE, I have a vision of 1016 km above the Earth), you can still see a number of roads that cross the United States, you know, these roads have listed the names and certainly not all of them. What I find interesting is that when we come closer to Earth roads increasingly come to light. Of course, students can do the same with the location of your school, home or other important places. Help students reflect on change and its effects on humans and the environment.

Yet another level is called the "3D Buildings”. Google Earth allows you to actually see the building where you are, not only on the street where the property is located. Do not worry, the camera Google Earth does not come home. But ask the students to be the case if the protection of privacy has been compromised in Google Earth. So how could I intend to use Google Earth for teaching and learning.

There are tons of useful activities that can be made with GE, needs to spend much of my time developing this type of activity. But, here's a real one: Challenge students to write three questions they would like to respond using Google Earth. Then they can use the interface to find answers to their questions. Encourage them to ask questions that require both the acquisition of information and critical thinking. Sure, you may need to explain these terms to students.

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Jessica, the author of this article is an SEO expert and associated with a reputed Google earth company. Google Map can be a traveler’s best friend. Thanks to a fresh renew, Google Map can present you 3-D diagrams of constructions throughout you -- in throughout 100 habitations -- so you can promptly orient yourself in an unfamiliar place. And get additional levels with supplemented information.

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Google Earth Lessons - Using Google Earth Layers

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Google Earth Lessons - Using Google Earth Layers

This article was published on 2011/06/02