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As RE Resources, power, China is the development of raw materials from the earth to promote the use of rare earth changes the application of rare earth materials have begun to promote the upgrading of traditional industries. Chemical production can not do without catalyst in a wide variety of catalytic materials, rare earth catalysts because of the unique catalytic properties, in the petroleum, chemical, and environmental protection fields almost "all-pervasive."

Petroleum cracking process caused the revolutionary process in the refining process of crude oil, commonly used in distillation can only get about 30% of the petrol and Diesel fuel And the remaining boiling point higher than 500 of heavy oil fractions to the thermal cracking, hydrocracking or FCC to gain further light oil. FCC process using rare earth zeolite catalyst, because of its unique catalytic properties, oil cracking process to make revolutionary changes have taken place.

Secondary processing of crude oil for processing rare earth catalytic cracking catalysts, chemical catalysts used in petroleum one of the largest species, the annual output of about 300,000 tons. At present, China's output of the product has reached 50,000 tons, 26 varieties of rare earth catalyst cracking crude oil handling capacity has exceeded 50 million tons, of gasoline accounted for 77.35 percent finished gasoline, diesel catalytic diesel oil accounted for 35.73% finished.

Cracking catalyst of rare earth in many roles. First, rare earth materials as a catalyst to help enhance the catalytic activity and thermal stability of the zeolite. Secondly, the catalyst deactivation after a long time to go through high-temperature water Heat Treatment And regeneration, in order to burn effectively occupy the zeolite pores piled carbon, rare earth has better thermal stability of water, have an important role in this process. In addition the use of rare earth zeolite catalyst cracking of oil, with crude oil processing capacity, light oil, high yield, good quality, high activity and low coke catalyst low loss, selectivity, and many other advantages. Exhaust Gas

accomplish a great deal to control automobile exhaust catalyst emissions from automobile exhaust the most effective means of reducing pollution. According to China's overall Planning , 2010, China's vehicle emission control with international standards, international standards. This is for the development of automotive exhaust catalyst of rare earth materials, providing a great space for development.

A variety of automotive exhaust catalyst, the early use of ordinary metals Cu, Cr, Ni, catalytic activity of bad ignition temperature is high, easy to be poisoned, and later with the precious metals Pt, Pd, Rh, etc., as catalyst has high activity, life long, clean and good results, because precious metals are expensive, difficult to promote. RE

with low price automobile exhaust catalysts, thermal stability, higher activity, and has good resistance to poisoning, long life, cause for concern. Have been successfully developed at home and abroad with a small amount of precious metal rare earth-based automotive exhaust gas purification catalytic material, especially for active Coating The ceria-zirconia mixed oxides have been successfully used rare earth car cleaner, the catalytic performance and service life greatly improved.

Automobile exhaust purification catalyst of rare earth rare earth used mainly oxide, cerium oxide and lanthanum oxide, praseodymium, etc., in which cerium oxide is the key ingredient, can expand the effective exhaust air-fuel ratio. For automotive exhaust catalysts for the cellular carrier often Ceramics , Rare earth ceramic carrier can be used as stabilizers and active coating material.

Predictable, as automobile exhaust gas purification catalyst of rare earth materials, in the future there will be a great development.

Rubber Synthesis of rare earth catalyst is a remarkable performance of the unique nature of Synthetic Rubber Catalyst. Rare Earth in China is rich in resources, and natural rubber resources more scarce, every year a large number of rubber imported from abroad, this rare earth catalysts for the synthetic rubber industry provides excellent opportunities for development and broad space for development.

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The Development Of Rare Earth From Raw Materials To Promote The Use Of Change - Rare Earth, Ceramic

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The Development Of Rare Earth From Raw Materials To Promote The Use Of Change - Rare Earth, Ceramic

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