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Going green should be on every individuals mind throughout the United States especially with all the articles and information on the television about it and how it would greatly help our earth. If it slips some peoples mind they should be reminded when they hear about warnings on the air quality. This is due to how we have treated the earth and there should be a big neon flashing sign going off in our heads saying we did to get our acts together and handle our earth and resources with care. Going green is not just about recycling and conserving water and energy; there are so many different things that can be changed within our daily activities that are considered green changes. There have been a lot of new ideas introduced to the world by scientists, entrepreneurs, and just individuals with good ideas to help create a greener earth and to help our future look brighter.

In today's society we use a lot of plastic due to it being such a useful and versatile material to use. Even though it is a convenient material to use it is not very good for our environment because harmful chemicals are used in its manufacturing process such as petroleum. This is already a non green quality, but it gets even worse because when this material is burned even more toxic chemicals are set free in our atmosphere. An alternative to this problem is to use bioplastics which are either biodegradable or are able to be composted. Bioplastics are usually made up of corn and wheat, which is what allows them to be biodegradable. 
One wasteful activity that all residents contribute to that they may not even realize is in regard to wasting textile. A way to not waste so many tons of textiles every year is to exchange clothes that you no longer want with other individuals. One man's trash is another man's treasure. This is a great way to not be so wasteful, still get rid of unwanted clothes, and make a nice addition to your wardrobe.

Some individuals are so devoted to transforming every aspect of their life green that they use composting toilets. These toilets use very little water and turn your waste into mulch. Waste is not sent off into the sewer system, instead it is stored in a sealed chamber until it decomposes and is ready to be used as fertilizer.

There are so many different ways to make everyday activities more green that will help save our resources and may also save you money. All individuals have to do is a little research to find what resources are available to the public that will help with this goal.


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Ways to Go Green

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This article was published on 2010/09/17
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